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An ice hockey fan from north of Boston and the genre’s most beloved troll, Ridley enjoys reading contemporary and historical romance, as well as the odd erotica novel. As someone who uses a wheelchair, she takes a particular interest in disability themes.

A Dream Defiant by Susanna Fraser

A Dream Defiant - Susanna Fraser

I picked this one up a while ago based on the unusual pairing for a regency, and then promptly forgot about it since my TBR is out of control. When I was ranting again on Twitter about how hard it is to find romance with POC characters, someone brought it up as a suggestion. I’ve been starting and discarding books for days, and this was only a novella, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It was a quick read but, unfortunately, not a very good one.


Like Fraser’s other books, A Dream Defiant takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. We meet our hero, Corporal Elijah Cameron, as he and his men are looting a French supply train after a victory. When one of his men is mortally wounded by a French straggler in a struggle over a ruby necklace, Elijah promises the dying man that he’ll give the jewelry to the man’s wife, Rose Merrifield, so that she can sell it and “be what she wants”. Of course, giving a now unprotected woman in a military camp a treasure like that makes Rose a target for schemers, so she and Elijah enter into a practical marriage of convenience.


And, that’s it, pretty much. The premise is basically a plot synopsis. Rose keeps saying she loved her husband, but three days after he dies she marries Elijah, and a week after that they’re knocking boots and exchanging I-love-yous. After that, the book jumps two years into the future, where Elijah solves racism with a clever pep talk. There’s an almost complete lack of internal conflict and very little went into developing the romance.


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Source: http://loveinthemargins.com/2013/11/11/a-dream-defiant-by-susanna-fraser

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin - Colette Moody

I love a good swashbuckler story. They’re like westerns, only wet. It’s all dashing tales of derring-do where wrongs are set right and scrappy loudmouths make their fortunes and look good doing it. I love the action and the attitude of swashbucklers, and The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin has both of these things in abundance.


When her father, the captain of the pirate ship Original Sin, is shot in the chest during an attack by the Royal Navy, Gayle Malvern desperately needs a surgeon. When she finds out that theirs was killed in the raid that injured her father, she has no choice but to send some men to shore to scare up a new one. Unfortunately for them, the town’s doctor was not available and Celia Pierce, his seamstress fiance, would have to do for now.


Celia is shocked at her abduction at first, but quickly adjusts to the situation. After helping the oddly attractive pirate sew up wounds, she wonders if maybe this is the grand adventure she’s always wished for. Lord knows she wasn’t looking forward to her impending marriage to the doctor who hid and left her for the pirates. Why not enjoy a last fling?


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The Sinful Art of Revenge

The Sinful Art of Revenge - Maya Blake

I have a complicated relationship with Harlequin Presents. On the one hand, they’re a seductive fantasy, like a contemporary fairy tale. They take place in a world where wealth and privilege have made it so the only challenges left to the characters are the interpersonal. Everything external drops away to focus on the hero and heroine and the angst and drama. There are French chateaus, designer gowns, gala events and elaborate secrets that threaten to destroy it all.


The secretive art dealer Reiko Kagawa wears the designer gowns in The Sinful Art of Revenge, and the French aristocrat and art collector Damion Fortier provides the French chateau. Like many of my favorite Presents, the couple has a shared past, and the book begins five years after a passionate weeks-long affair that ended with Damion bankrupting her grandfather and both feeling betrayed by the other. (Why Damion feels betrayed by Reiko seeing someone else a few weeks after he reveals that, surprise!, he’s given her a phony name and is actually the heir of the man her grandfather owes a fortune to escapes me, but this is HP land, so let’s roll with it.) Blake wastes no time placing the reader down in a tense scene of high drama and opens with Damion driving his expensive sports car to the back door of a run down English country home then climbing through the bushes to spy on the heroine through the windows.


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The Sleeping Night by Barbara Samuel

The Sleeping Night - Barbara Samuel

Set in WWII with a white heroine and black hero. Intrigued.

Seducing the Enemy by Noelle Adams

Seducing the Enemy - Noelle  Adams

This is probably going to be a hate read. Looks like she appropriates disability and fails at it.

On the Brat List: Keta Diablo

Where the Rain is Made - Keta Diablo

Author Keta Diablo had a Twitter meltdown today where she vociferously denounced the Book Smugglers as "cyber bullies" over this DNF review from three years ago. Screenshots are below:


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On the Brat list - Joanna Wylde

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde

This is old news, but this author apparently uses Facebook to mobilize fans against critical reviews. 

QFT: Reblog-tiquette

Reblogging is great, right? You see a really well-written, interesting post, and you want to make sure that everyone else sees it,too. But, how do you make sure that your friends dashboards aren't cluttered with post-after-post-after-post of the same post, reblogged?


Could I make a few suggestions:


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Straw poll: pagebreaks

Leave a comment, if you would, about which you prefer:


Reading reviews without leaving your dashboard feed.




Reviewers using pagebreaks to put longer reviews behind a "read more" link.

Love in the Margins is on BookLikes

Just a heads up that the group blog I am a part of - Love in the Margins - now has a BookLikes page of its own.


We review romance and erotica that we feel the mainstream doesn't pay enough attention to. So give us a follow if you're looking for reviews of books featuring people of color, disabled characters, f/f romance and everything in between.



Well, this is an interesting turn of events.

[Screenshot of an email from Goodreads. It reads:


Hi Ridley,
We are contacting you to let you know we are working on retrieving the content that was deleted from your account on September 20.   We’re very sorry about how that was handled.   In retrospect, we should have notified you and provided you with a copy of your content when we deleted the reviews/shelves.  
We’ve discussed this in more detail with our engineers, and while the reviews have been completely deleted from the database, it turns out we can retrieve the content through back-up servers.  We will email it to you for your personal records as soon as the import completes in a week or two.  Please note though, the content that violated our guidelines cannot be re-posted on Goodreads.
The Goodreads Team]

Taking Him Down by Meg Maguire

Taking Him Down (Harlequin Blaze Series #762) - Meg Maguire

Originally posted at Love in the Margins.


Matchmaker Lindsey Tuttle is going through a rough patch in life. After moving to Boston from western Mass with her newly-minted lawyer fiance, she’s neither engaged nor sure if her relationship’s worth the effort any more. When the cocky, gorgeous, MMA fighter Rich Estrada kicks their ongoing flirtation up a notch, Lindsey doesn’t bother trying to fight the attraction between them. Just as things are heating up in the back of a cab, a text message stops Rich cold, leaving Lindsey wondering what went wrong.


Nearly a year after that night in the cab, Rich still thinks about Lindsey. He may be thousands of miles away in San Diego, training for his first big championship fight, but he can’t help but wonder: What would’ve happened if her friend hadn’t texted him to say she had a live-in boyfriend? When a broken foot sends him back to Boston to recover, he gets another chance to see what, if anything, is going on with him and the sexy little matchmaker.


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The email Goodreads sent me

I've seen a number of people wondering how the review and shelf deletions went down, so here's a couple screenshots of the notice Goodreads sent me on Friday afternoon.


This comment is everything.

The Holy Terror nails why I've left Goodreads in this excellent comment in the feedback forum.

Overprotected - Jennifer Laurens

Ms. Laurens seems to have a violent streak.

Easy Tips for Customizing Your BookLikes Blog

On the top of your homepage you’ll notice your navigation bar.




This will bring up your Settings page.



Now Scroll down a bit until you see this:




That’s going to bring up the template customization page. In the upper left hand corner, you’ll see this:



Once that is done, beneath the above posted menu you can scroll down. Do so until you find this:








Now comes the fun part, making that image static. Click on the Edit HTML button.



This is going to split your screen, with your blog showing below and the code window at the top. Don’t freak out. Scroll down through the code until you find these lines:



Now, where you see the green word ‘repeat’, replace that with ‘fixed’. It should now look like this:






Okay, so as you’ll notice in the screenshot above there’s a drop down menu with the word Blog selected. In order to assure that your background is fixed for all your pages you have to select that drop down and repeat the code change for each one listed:






Good luck, everyone. Hope this helps! 



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