The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie (Leisure Historical Romance)

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley When I picked this book up knowing that it featured a hero with Asperger's, I imagined the crux of the story would be about Beth and Ian learning to love each other despite his emotional detatchment. I didn't feel like I got that.There's no real discussion of how Ian and Beth came to love each other. I noticed they had great, wall-banging sex often, but that was the extent of the romance, it seems. There were few scenes that showed them interacting with their clothes on over something mundane. Sure, she supported him through a murder mystery, but how often will that come up in a lifelong marriage? I needed to see them becoming attached to each other and enjoying each other's company despite his communication quirks. I wanted to see them dealing with how utterly annoying an Aspie can be and how bewildering she could be through his eyes. Instead, he dominates her in typical alpha style and she accepts sex as attachment.Oh, and there's a murder mystery with a ton of plot holes.And a bunch of sex scenes thrown in for no particular reason other than to be graphic and to titillate.And a ton of obvious series set-up.Meh.Really, this is not the sort of character pairing that lends itself well to a suspense subplot (as half-baked as this one was) as there's plenty of conflict to mine from their personalities alone. I wanted a good book, a character study, and instead I got a paint-by-numbers romance novel like any other. It's not a bad book, just an exceedingly average one.