Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter Series #1)

Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh My brain's too scrambled to write a proper review (ZOMG SUNSHINE WHEEEEEEE), so a bullet list it is:Awesome:- No fated mates- EVERYONE's race is mentioned. None of that "white's the default" crap. Also, the non-white characters aren't sidekicks or comic relief. THANK YOU!- Vampire hunter heroine is not a killer driven by hatred. She's returning wayward vampires to their angel masters. Really the whole "racism is bad" device had been beat to death in paranormals/UF.- Plot is smooth, evenly paced and sensical. The archangel Raphael needs Elena's superb hunter skills to help him find and kill a wayward archangel and they find themselves attracted to each other as they work together. - Extensive world building without info dumping. Why this archangel is bad is divulged in bits and pieces across the whole book. Ditto for how these vampires are different, angel politics, etc.- Secondary characters were fully formed people. They had flaws and strengths just like the protagonists.Kinda Meh:- Hero and heroine are sort of stock characters. Spirited, proud heroine good with knives butts heads with cool, emotionless immortal with powers beyond belief.- Villain captures Elena before the FINAL COUNTDOWN (cue song) and holds her captive. So obviously done to provide plot exposition that it wasn't suspenseful at all.Bad News:- Nothing I can think of.In sum:Liked it, but nothing game changing. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.