Into the Mist (Falcon Mercenary Group)

Into the Mist - Maya Banks This was quite possibly the longest synopsis of a book I've ever read.I kept waiting for a narrative to happen, but all I got was the most transparent of plots told to me. Add on absurd names (thuggish guy with a heart of gold named Mad Dog? Check.), unerotic sex, only mentioning the race of the token "African-American" comic relief (I guess peach is the assumed default for the rest of them), major leaps of logic, and you have Into the Mist.Here's a great example of her bland story telling:They were interrupted when Gabe ambled in, barefoot as usual, and wearing a dingy T-shirt with a smartass saying on it and tattered jeans.I guess we'll just take her word for it. God forbid she actually say what's on the shirt, that might actually result in character development by cluing us in to his personality and sense of humor, and she so obviously had this guy set up to be a fall guy who dies a heroic death.I keep ending up with free copies of her books and read them hoping I'll discover why she's so popular. I need to stop. Her books are just plain bad.