Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James I loved the writing in James' debut. It's fluid, vivid prose that does a wonderful job of showing through dialog and action. There were numerous points in the book where I felt I could see the characters clearly, facial expressions, tone and all. The characters were fully realized and fleshed out and their banter laugh out loud funny at times.I just had some niggling issues with the plot. The book acknowledges the conventional wisdom that womanizers stay womanizers, then doesn't quite put it to bed in Jason's case. While I loved him wanted to believe in their HEA, the whole deal is something I'd give a girlfriend hell for doing. Not enough from him or them to chase that "So why is Taylor's hoo-hoo the magical one?" question from my mind.But the characters were so damn likable, poor life decisions or no, that I couldn't help but love the book.