Dirty Thirty

Dirty Thirty - Cara McKenna This is a shorty at like 55 pages in epub, so there's not much to review. It is, however, a wonderful little piece of erotica. It has great characters, hot, boundary-pushing sex and not a forced emotion in sight. It's a story about a sexually adventurous married couple trying something deliciously dirty. Everyone has a great time, but no one has their soul touched or comes to a life-altering romantic revelation. It's just - really - hot sex for an adorably out-there couple.I liked seeing how excited Evan and Margie were to invite Paul into the bedroom. Like any good erotica, it wasn't about playing to my kinks so much as convincing me of the characters' enjoyment. Since we spend the bulk of the story in Evan's POV, we get to see just how much fun he's having. Regardless of my own views on what constitutes hot married sex, anxious enthusiasm on a level with what Evan shows throughout the story is just plain hot.I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good, short story of hot, adventurous married sex.