Raising Kane: Rough Riders Series, Book 9

Raising Kane - Lorelei James There's not much to review, so this will be short.Kane "Buck" McKay has been trying for years to drop his bad boy reputation. He's cut down on the boozing, stopped skirt-chasing and even signed up to be a mentor to a Little Buddy named Hayden. Unfortunately for him, Hayden's mom, Ginger Paulson, attracts him like flame to a moth, and that's against the program's rules. When she's laid up after a ice-fueled slip down a set of stairs, Kane agrees to help take care of her, her elderly father and Hayden while she heals up.And, well, that's it. That's what happens. From the get-go they admit their mutual attraction. They have lots of sex starting early in the book and continuing throughout. Neither is pushing the other away or avoiding commitment. They don't use condoms so it must be True Love. In short - the book completely lacked conflict. There's nothing these two overcome that has them grow as characters. I mean, I guess Ginger learns to rely on someone other than herself, but that is not much of a character arc to speak of. The writing's technically sound, the dialog natural, but the book lacks purpose. The protagonists begin and end the book as the same people, only married and knocked up.I liked it, I read it in one sitting, but the lack of urgency or growth really made the sex boring. I don't want to just be a voyeur. I need a good reason to watch people bone. /meh