You Slay Me (Aisling Grey, Guardian Series #1)

You Slay Me - Katie MacAlister Frustrating read. I like the world and the secondary characters, but I hated the heroine and did not enjoy continually watching her make a complete ass of herself.That sort of thing can be funny, a la the Pink Panther movies, but it requires the author to stick to it. I can't be expected to point and laugh at the boob at one point and then take her seriously at another. I think the first person narrative was also inappropriate. If I'm supposed to connect with her, don't make her an utter fool. Rather than laugh with her, I was cringing and skimming ahead.Also, for something billed as "paranormal romance," it lacked romance. Aisling scarcely interacts with Drake in the book. There's no connection between them beyond the lazy Fated Mate trope.