How to Tell a Lie (Truth & Lies, #1)

How to Tell a Lie (Truth & Lies, #1) - Delphine Dryden Great novella that tells a different sort of story and does it in an unconventional way. The hero and heroine meet within a World of Warcraft-esque MMO and strike up a friendship and mild flirtation. When they realize that not only are they both college professors using the game as part of their research but that they're both professors at the same college, things get complicated. Only four months removed from breaking things off with her fiance, Allison wants to keep their romantic relationship online, but Seth has other ideas.The online gaming plays a major role in the plot and if the author doesn't play WoW herself, she certainly did her research. Everything from their chats to each other being pink to the elf dancing like a stripper to the frustration of dragging poorly-geared PUGs through a raid marked this as WoW to me, and I've been playing it off and on for, what, eight years now? Their in-game chats grow in flirtatiousness as the story progresses, and their chat-based sex scenes are charmingly awkward and scorching hot. All the chatting online shows the couple talking through the wonderful process of discovery that is dating someone new. By the time they connect in real life for the first time, they have the emotional intimacy of a couple that's been together for months. This leads the reader to easily read the ending as an HEA, even if forever and ever isn't really spelled out and would be sort of silly in context.I have just one complaint. FOOD SEX IS GROSS. There's a long scene at the end involving chocolate mousse, a paintbrush and lots of licking. This is not hot. In fact, the whole thing made me vaguely nauseated. I don't know who wants to be coated in sticky food and saliva, but it sure as hell isn't me.