Naughty & Nice

Naughty & Nice - Ruthie Knox,  Molly O'Keefe,  Stefanie Sloane I'm just going to stop after the Knox novella. I'm all set with teaser prequels that lack an HEA/ending, and fluffy historicals don't entice me.I loved Room at the Inn a lot... until the ending. I think Grand Gestures are cheap and lazy as a rule, but this one felt even weaker tacked onto the end of such a thoughtful and emotional story. How does staging a humiliating, public scene in a church during Christmas Eve services strike anyone as romantic? How does a narcissistic, emotionally manipulative stunt like a public proposal atone for 16 years of narcissism and emotional abuse? Protip: it doesn't. It spoiled what had been a top notch story. I'm rating it three stars as the hero's redemption/change of heart was completely believable and accounted for, and I could see their HEA, but the church stunt was BS.