Club Mephisto (Club Mephisto #1)

Club Mephisto (Club Mephisto #1) - Annabel Joseph That was some excellent BDSM erotica. The heroine goes to Mephisto for a week on loan from her permanent Master, so this is definitely not a romance. She forges an intense connection with Mephisto as he teaches her how to submit more fully, but she returns to her own Master at the book's close, and does so happily. The sex and BDSM is intense, hot and, most importantly, purposeful. Each scene is drawn to be shocking at first in its brutality, but then its meaning and goal becomes clear, and shows Molly growing as a character and a submissive.Definitely not for the squeamish, as this is as much about s/m as is D/s, but it was an emotional read with wonderful characterization.