Scoring Lacey

Scoring Lacey - Jenna Howard I don't have a ton to say about this book. Generally I avoid erotic romance because I think it combines the worst parts of erotica and romance into a porny romp lacking a substantial plot. However, a couple of the Dear Author bloggers liked this one, and it features a NHL player, so I figured I'd give it a go.Long story short, it failed to challenge my opinion of erotic romance. The first half is the sex Olympics, the second half the crying game, and then the book just ends abruptly, like her laptop ran out of juice. Thank heavens for the "THE END" written on the last page or I'd have thought I had an incomplete file. There's barely any character development, way too much sex in extremely inappropriate situations (outside a glass patio door at a family barbecue? impromptu buttsecks in her work office?) and a scatterbrained plot. Editing also left a bit to be desired, as there were a number of continuity errors that threw me out of the story.If you just want a one-handed read, the first half has some pretty hot sex. If you want a complete story, however, this one's sorely lacking.