Training the Receptionist

Training the Receptionist  - Juniper Bell This erotic novella was buzzing along as a fabulous BDSM fantasy until the abrupt ending.Dana Arthur desperately needs a job, so when Simon Dirk of Cowell & Dirk offers her the receptionist position after a 30-second interview, she takes it, despite having no clue what it is they do. As it turns out: they do receptionists.Since Ethan Cowell is out of the country, Simon Dirk is running the show (but not American Idol, which kept popping in my mind. Wonder why...)and it's a kinky sort of show. Dana is shocked at first, but she's a tattooed thrill/pain junkie, so she figures she'll give it a go. The subsequent punishments, tasks and predicaments are as hot as they are unrealistic. Bell writes the sexual encounters well, avoiding play-by-play and providing a ton of head time.It all goes kinda south when she brings Cowell, the senior partner, into the mix. The threesome was contrived and awkward, as was all the declarations of love between Dana and Simon. It's like she flipped a switch and all of a sudden we've gone from erotica to romance, and the tone change was disorienting.