Mistress by Mistake

Mistress by Mistake - Maggie Robinson When the hero and heroine hook up early and muse to themselves about how they feel like they've come "home"/"want something more"/"feel the wall around his/her heart start to crumble" it means only one thing.Incoming external conflict.I admit it; I only read half the book, but the twitches started early. By the fourth twitch, I continued the movement and exited to my library. Maybe it got better, but I doubt it.The premise was solid - Charlotte Fallon's unscrupulous sister accepted Sir Michael Bayard's protection and a house on prestigious Jane Street, then ran off with his money and a family heirloom necklace, leaving Charlotte in her stead. Sir Michael, upset over the necklace, then tells Charlotte she's his until that necklace comes back.That's plot enough, really. Did we also need a scheming ex-wife, kidnapping and a cast of merry mistresses? The "Janes" added nothing to the plot beyond shameless sequel seeding. His kidnapping did nothing but delay the HEA via external conflict.I'll give it two stars because the writing was pretty good. She just can't plot for beans.