More Than One Night (Harlequin Super Romance)

More Than One Night - Sarah Mayberry Just some quick thoughts while I mull my review:- Loved the characters. The plot may be a Harlequin staple, but the two leads reacted to the events with pitch-perfect realism and honesty. They had weak moments to go with their heroic ones.- Cleverly written as any Mayberry book. I enjoyed the bit of Chekhov's Gun with that box from her father. Well done.- I don't know if I enjoyed the romantic conflict, but it suited the heroine's character. I wanted her to be more confident and fucking snap out of it, but not everyone can be perfect like me.- This was in 5-star territory, but parts of the ending bothered me. Making a grand gesture at a large party to an insecure, anxiety-prone, private woman like Charlie seemed to suit genre conventions more than this particular book and its characters. Also, I would have liked it if there was some mention of Charlie getting help for her problems besides hugs and good sex. She did that with the epilogue to One Good Reason and I thought that made the book, honestly.