The Wedding Fling (Harlequin Blaze Series #734)

The Wedding Fling (Harlequin Blaze #734) - Meg  Maguire It's too late to write a full review now, but I wanted to put this down before I forgot.I was reading along when this paragraph stuck out for me as saying a lot in just a few lines:Will stared over the water for a moment, and Leigh studied his eyes in the dying sun, bright as a blue glass pendant she’d admired in the shopping district the previous morning. She wondered who had raised this man and given him those eyes, and what they thought of the life he’d made for himself, so far from New York City.I'm no judge of literary prose or merit - a lit professor once wondered aloud why I hadn't dropped his class when I was clearly out of my league - but I liked how that last line looked. I was then really tickled when both the provenance of his blue eyes and a blue glass pendant appear later in the novel. It was like an easter egg or something.Some parts strained credulity, but I really enjoyed the book overall.