Christmas Angel for the Billionaire (Harlequin Romance #4131)

Christmas Angel for the Billionaire - Liz Fielding Lady Rose Napier needs a break. Orphaned at six when her parents, the Marquess and Marchioness of St. Ives, were tragically gunned down on a charity mission, she's lived most of her sheltered life as a media darling. When other teenage girls were dating and hanging out, she was visiting hospitals and posing for photo ops to raise money for charity. Her grandfather the duke has kept tight control over her life, reminding her of her duty whenever she chafed under his wing.Now 28, worn out by the attention and seeing her grandfather not-so-subtly engineering a marriage to a viscount she feels nothing for, she decides to make a break for it. A few arrangements with a lookalike to play stand-in and she's off to the country!George Saxon is some kind of billionaire expatriate - I don't feel we ever really find out what he does exactly - back in England to visit his father, who's in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. As he's arguing with his rebellious 15 year old daughter in the garage bay of his family's home and auto repair business, a service call comes in, which George reluctantly heeds.When George and Annie - as she prefers to be addressed - meet, the sparks fly. He thinks she's a flighty ditz, and she thinks he's an arrogant grouch. And they're both right.Fielding does a wonderful job with these characters. By the diction alone in the dialog, I could hear Annie's posh accent. She behaves believably for someone raised as she was. Her naivete and privilege shows its head when it comes to details like paying for parking, driving, dealing with a car breakdown or cooking. She's out of her element in these things and her confusion shows. However, she's not stupid, and she figures these things out. Indeed, she enjoys being treated normally and being expected to fend for herself. Watching her bluff George into fixing her car or wing it when asked to make dinner was a treat. Far from farcical, we see Annie's confidence and competence bloom through these tasks.Through his battles with his daughter and father, we see a man quite the opposite of Annie. Here's a man who has battled hard to earn everything he has. After working in the garage as a teenager, learning as much as he could until as skilled as any mechanic out there, he attended university, against his father's wishes, then forged his own path in business. In a way, his path mirrors Annie's. She's lived her life as people expected and is just now beginning to rebel where George has forged his own path but is now so worn down that he's tempted to do what everyone expects him to do.This opposition creates a rich romance between these two. As they fall for each other and George learns her true identity, you see them shoring each other up. Annie quietly encourages him to keep fighting to repair his relationship with his daughter and to not give up on the garage. George helps her make her peace with who she is and the good she can do by just being Lady Rose while staying true to herself.This is very much a whirlwind romance. The courtship takes place over the course of two weeks and ends in a marriage. Their complementary personalities and rather restrained courtship makes the HEA believable though. This is clearly love, not blind lust.Altogether, this is a lovely Christmas romance from Fielding. The characters are fully fleshed, warts and all, the dialog natural and the prose fluid. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for her other titles.