Mistress of the Groom (Harlequin Presents, #1918)

Mistress of the Groom (Harlequin Presents, #1918) - Susan Napier This is one of those books where I disliked it for reasons that would lead other readers to love it. Napier's writing is active and engaging and she paces the storytelling perfectly to avoid both info dumping and dragging the reveal out past the reader's patience.Unfortunately, this book had nearly every romance trope I despise:- A revenge-minded hero who's just mercilessly bankrupted and humiliated the heroine- Lots of forced seduction that felt more like rape than sex- A caretaker alpha who babies the injury-prone heroine- A public marriage proposal as a grand gestureSo, if you like your romance over-the-top, this is for you. If you like empowered heroines and heroes who respect their independence, run screaming for the hills and don't look back.