Secrets of Castillo del Arco (Harlequin Presents Extra Series #229)

Secrets of Castillo del Arco (Harlequin Presents Extra Series #229) - Trish Morey This was a paint-by-numbers Presents. All of the elements of an effective Presents story were here - a moody, rich hero marries a sweet ingenue out of a sense of duty and has his cold heart thawed out by her boundless good nature - but there was none of the soul or feeling necessary to make it art. There's very little dialog in the book and the long stretches of navel-gazing POV prose repeats itself tediously as it shows rather than tells. To make matters worse, the sex writing is awkward and unerotic:He was so large she felt that she could not let him go without feeling the suck of his organ on her womb, without feeling the need to have him back inside.His fingers worked at his shirt, reefing it off, and she could not resist putting her hand to his skin, drinking in the complexities of his skinscape—the sculpted flesh, the wiry brush of hair, the nuggety nub of a nipple.Not impressed. Really had to force myself to finish it.