Flirting With Intent (Harlequin Presents Extra Series #219)

Flirting With Intent - Kelly Hunter I'm having a bad day with my hands today, so I'm just gonna type some quick notes then write a review later.- Hunter writes such amusing dialog, I smile almost non-stop while reading her books.- Anyone who likes flirtation and courtship should definitely read this one. Lots of that, and it's funny, cute, heartbreaking, angsty and hot.- Could've done without all the spy woo-woo. I've never met a spy plot or character I've liked, though.- The back blurb makes the hero look like an emotionally closed off player and the heroine seem like she's sworn off men after a bitter break up. Neither case applies to the story at all. Not even a little.- Hooray for romance set in Asia! Wish more also featured Asian protagonists, but I'm getting greedy.