Untameable Rogue (Modern Heat)

Untameable Rogue (Modern Heat) - Kelly Hunter I really wanted to love this one, but I just didn't. I enjoyed the widow heroine who married her first husband for the security his fortune provided, and the hero who disabled explosives for a living was intriguing. As nice as their romance was - the security-starved heroine raised in the foster care system falling for a guy who risks his life with every job and the proud hero reconciling his need to provide for a woman with the object of his desire needing nothing from him materially - I didn't feel like I got to see enough of it. It had a bad case of series-itis, and the hero's brother and his estranged wife got way too much page time. The longer the book went on, the more it felt like a prologue for the next book in the series. Also, there's a charming street urchin. Those never improve a book.