Wife For a Week (Harlequin Presents the Eligible Bachelors)

Wife for a Week - Kelly Hunter While totally implausible, this was just a hoot to read. Funny, snappy dialog and amusing situations combined with some hot scenes to make a wicked fun read. The book opens with the heroine chatting up a shoe in the store she works in. Midway through her conversation, an older woman and her adult son walk in the door. Before she knows what the hell happened, she's kissing him and agreeing to act as his wife for an upcoming trip to Hong Kong in exchange for an easy £10k. Along the way they banter hilariously, they have scorching hot makeouts, she accidentally takes out a contract on his life and they totally fall head-over-heels in love.True to life? Good god, no. Grinning ear-to-ear from start to finish? Absolutely.