Hot Island Nights (Harlequin Blaze)

Hot Island Nights (Harlequin Blaze) - Sarah Mayberry I really wanted to love this one. Mayberry writes great, fully-developed characters, and this book is no exception. Elizabeth and Nathan are both brilliantly multi-faceted characters. The full image of who the characters are takes the entirety of the book to become clear. Their secrets and inner workings are doled out slowly, making the book near impossible to put down. You want to know what's next, how will Nate/Lizzy react to this new detail, where is the author taking me?Two things, however, held the book back for me. First, is how Nate's PTSD was handled, especially in light of Elizabeth's story. I thought the PTSD itself was rendered faithfully and sensitively, but I didn't like how the narrative tried to resolve it. It was good at first, with Elizabeth giving him space and not trying to push, but by the end of the book it began to feel like everyone else thought they knew what was best for Nate better than he did. This sort of patronizing attitude seemed particularly ironic when Elizabeth had fled London to get away from a family and fiance who decided they knew what was best for her. Secondly, there was all the sex. Seriously. 80% of it felt like filler. This might be a function of the Blaze line, since this is not something I've seen in her Superromances, but most of it was unnecessary. If it's not moving the plot ahead, it's just padding.So it ends up just an average read for me. Not great, not bad, just okay.