The Fearless Maverick

The Fearless Maverick - Robyn Grady It brings me absolutely no joy to say I hated this book. I can't think of any book I wanted to love more than this book. More than anything, I wanted this to be a heartfelt story with a positive portrayal of disability so I could write a glowing review to counteract the ignorant, hateful and all around offensive reviews it received from thoughtless readers.Unfortunately, it's a horrendously poor portrayal of living with a disability and a shitty book to boot. The author projected her own revulsion at the thought of living in a disabled woman's body to create a sad, pitiable character in Libby just to provide an opportunity for angst. Libby never gets to define her disability, or her body for that matter, for herself. Everyone else in the book decides that for her. She has no self-esteem, no dignity and no individuality. She's a receptacle for every stereotype able bodied people have about physically disabled people. This isn't a story about a woman with a below the knee prosthesis, this is an able bodied woman's fantasy of being swept off her feet by a wealthy, gorgeous man despite being less than "perfect" herself. Libby's disability is just a prop, a concept the author lazily appropriated as shorthand for vulnerability. It's offensive as hell.