His Wife for One Night

His Wife for One Night - Molly O'Keefe I don't really have a ton to say about this book other than that it was a mixed bag for me. While I really enjoyed the cast of characters immensely and was easily carried along with the story as everyone navigated their emotions and insecurities, it had a number of flaws that nagged at me. There was some pretty shameless sequel baiting, both with the neighbor Jeremiah (always referred to in the book as "the former rodeo star") and the heroine's sister Lucy, who clearly will headline the next book, as well as a secondary storyline involving the hero's dad and heroine's mother that was left dangling and unresolved at the end. Additionally, there are significant emotional obstacles in the way of Jack and Mia evolving their friendly agreement into a real marriage and I didn't feel like I saw them get resolved. The narrative seemed to want me to take its word for it that HEA was achieved, but at the end I still saw two people behaving poorly towards each other out of a place of mistrust and insecurity. I liked our couple immensely, but if this were real life, I wouldn't bet the farm on their marriage lasting.