Front Page Affair (Harlequin Presents Extra #136)

Front Page Affair (Harlequin Presents Extra #136) - Mira Lyn Kelly Let me be honest; this book's premise is completely ridiculous. Paparazzi do not follow wealthy businessmen around snapping candid photos and spreading gossip about them. So the hero, Nate, asking the heroine, Payton, to help him stage a sham romance to throw the tabloids off his six month absence from society events is really, really far fetched, even for a Presents. The melodramatic conflict between new money Nate and Payton's old money family was also incredibly overdone.But, somehow, the book manages to be more than the sum of its parts. Ms. Kelly manages to build an entirely compelling, heart-wrenchingly emotional, romantic story out of this lame setup. At its heart it's a friends-to-lovers story and Nate and Payton just charmed the pants off me. Their sham quickly turns real and they were a joy to watch together, Payton desperately wanting the whole package and Nate just as determined to keep his emotional distance. Their interactions were alternately playful, passionate and downright heart-rending. A scene near the end where Nate tries to end their romantic relationship actually got me teary-eyed, I was so upset for Payton. You've got to be doing something right if you get my troll ass to get all weepy.Totally enjoyable read. I think this author's going on my auto-buy shortlist. She's good.