Prairie Bride

Prairie Bride (Harlequin Historical, #526) - Julianne MacLean I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I started it at 11 at night figuring I'd read for an hour or two then hit the hay. The book was so perfectly paced and plotted, however, that I stayed up to finish the book. It was just impossible to put down with hoe MacLean dished the tantalizing bits of the characters' backstories out slowly and teasingly and had each chapter lead seductively into the next. Every time I declared "I'll stop at the end of this chapter," I'd get to the end and something would pique my interest so I just had to read the next chapter to see how it panned out.Despite the fugly-ass cover, this was a real joy to read. It's not Earth-shattering or convention-bucking, but was a good, solid romance with fully-drawn characters. There's no cheap, starchy filler or lazy shortcuts. She shows us two intriguing strangers, each marrying with their own secrets and motives, growing to love each other and form a real marriage through their conversations and actions. I loved the vulnerability in both of them, and really enjoyed seeing them work through their problems together.