Headstrong - Meg  Maguire I'll write a full review later. Pros and cons for now.Pros:- Delightfully insane heroine- Not set in small-town America, or America at all for that matter- A love triangle that neither shows its cards too early nor makes me sad for the one left out- Fabulous, rich characterization- Great exploration of sexuality in all of its weird messyness- A scarred and tatooed bike courier who can sing Tom Jones like nobody's businessCons:- The fabulous character study was cheapened a bit by the book's use of a bunch of genre cliches. The heroine's only had sex once, at 16, which resulted in a pregnancy, forced abortion, and commitment to a mental facility after a sucicidal episode. Lord save me from tragic near-virgins in romance. Also, she's from a blue blood New England family with a control freak dad straight out of central casting.- Colin never sings It's Not Unusual during any of the karaoke scenes. Inexcusable.