A Convenient Wife

A Convenient Wife - Carolyn Davidson Written at a 5th grade reading level, full of anachronisms and way too over-reliant on external conflict. The romance is pretty much concluded by page 90. All that holds off the end of the book is a half-baked kidnapping plot and the birth of the baby.I should knock this down to one star for its shameless treatment of American Indian themes. The secondary character Ruth is some kind of magical healer, mind-reader and future-seer, natch, and is used as a focal point of a patently ridiculous prejudice/tolerance morality play. All the good characters made a point of rejecting society's bias against Indians while only the unlikeable characters held any hard feelings toward Ruth. Would that racial bias actually worked that way! Wouldn't it be lovely if racism wasn't something otherwise nice, agreeable people who are kind to animals participated in? We might actually be able to talk about it then.