Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed in the West Series)

Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed in the West Series) - Karen Templeton I just can't work up enough of a reaction to this ok book to fill a review. Basically, a gray-eyed Woobie hero comes home to face his demons and is healed by the power of love and Good Honest Work on a farm run by a pregnant, red-headed widow. Plot moppets drift in and out of the narrative when cutesy matchmaking is necessary.It bites off more than it can chew and so everything is handled rather facilely. When the hero comes back to the heroine at the end, I was thinking it was a good starting point for them to work on establishing a relationship. Instead of a beginning, though, it was a marriage proposal and a unicorn and rainbows HEA. It felt forced and rushed and just plain unsatisfying.It's a thoroughly ok read. It wants to be a substantial story of hurt and comfort, but it doesn't spend enough time to really dig deep enough to give the issues the weight they deserved.