Counterfeit Gentleman (Signet Regency Romance)

The Counterfeit Gentleman (Signet Regency Romance) - Charlotte Louise Dolan Definitely a very silly book. We have an attempted murder of the heroine, an ex-smuggler hero who happens to be around to save her, a merry band of loyal ruffians at the hero's disposal, an aunt who's a stickler for etiquette, noble spies who come to the hero's aid, a society dragon with a mischievous, matchmaking streak, an evil half brother, a murder trial and a partridge in a pear tree.Since there are only so many pages to work with, the romance takes a back seat to all the plotting. They both fall in love with the other fast and hard, but I saw no reason why beyond finding the other good looking. They don't flirt, have long conversations or even fight. He fishes her out of the ocean, draws her a bath and brushes her hair and she's decided he's the other half of her soul. For his part, he was sporting a chubby while treading water with her during the rescue because, you know, they fit so perfectly.But, you know what? The book manages to be a ton of fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously, so it was pretty enjoyable if read as a farce. The zany characters and over-the-top villains give it a sort of silly vaudeville vibe, and if you check your brain at the door, it's a fun trip.