The Comeback Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance)

The Comeback Cowboy - Cathy McDavid While I really enjoyed most of the book, the final 10% was awash in manipulative secrets masquerading as self-effacement, and I hate that shit. It's a wicked shame, as it was a fairly unique contemporary western until that point. The heroine was a genre-busting athlete and successful businesswoman who helps the rodeo champ hero reclaim his calf roping prowess. Heroine as coach? Hero willing to listen to and learn from a woman? Amazing!This would've been a 4-star book, easy. I thought it well written and tightly plotted. I enjoyed the easy camaraderie and playfulness between the hero and heroine as well as the rich cast of supporting characters. But lying to your man to hide your pregnancy "for his own good?" That's what twats do. I don't like twats. It's a standard Harlequin shortcut, so YMMV. It's a major no-no for me.