A Bed of Spices

A Bed of Spices - Barbara Samuel Well. This is rare. I can't find any flaws with this book. None. I can criticize anything, but this book? Not happening.It's just the perfect story of actual forbidden love. This isn't about crossed signals, stern parents or mismatched values. Oh no, this is about a highborn German woman and a Jewish physician. In the 14th century. During the Black Death. In the midst of anti-Jewish pogroms. I mean, there's "forbidden love" and then there's "shit just got real."What I loved most about the book is how evenly matched Rica and Solomon are. They're two people who are surprised to find everything they've always wanted in each other. Neither had thought they wanted a great passionate love or an easy companionship in marriage, but they immediately feel as though they've known each other forever, and suddenly have no idea how they'd live without it. There was a sense of wonderment and enchantment in their conversation that was just infectious. I fell in love, ached and finally rejoiced right along with them.Everyone should read this book. Plonk down the $2 and read it today. Your life will be richer for doing it.