No Matter What

No Matter What - Erin Nicholas This Samhain ebook had a distinct Harlequin Presents feel to it. If I had to re-title it, HP style, I'd title it "Bought For the Millionaire's Mission."Moving on...Jaden Monroe is in a bit of a funk. A well-respected physical therapist and researcher, she's stuck serving beers at a restaurant after a spectacular flame-out leaves her fired from the hospital and the pediatric rehab wing she'd worked for left unfinished after her ex-fiancé withdrew his $1m donation. When Adam Steele offers her a job working with his teenaged daughter, and a million dollars to do it, she can’t turn it down. Not only would many people benefit from that money and she be able to get back to physical therapy, but she’s intrigued by the take-charge businessman.Adam has spent his life taking care of others. When bone cancer requires him to direct the doctors to amputate part of his daughter’s leg, he feels like a failure. His daughter Emily is now in a wheelchair, depressed and a shadow of her former self. If his zeal for Jaden to fix Emily and get her walking again borders on fanatical, I was able to excuse him. I would imagine that making the decision to amputate your daughter’s leg might cause at least a thread of guilt. Providers and caretakers give, not take away.I really enjoyed the characters’ emotional journeys. Jaden’s afraid of repeating a past mistake of falling for a patient’s father, Adam’s coming to terms with the changing face of what it means to provide for his daughter and Emily’s learning to accept her new reality while being a normal teenager at the same time. Jaden’s relationship with Emily isn’t all sunshine and roses, and Jaden doesn’t hold back on the tough love for Adam or Emily. Nicholas’ prose is smooth and unobtrusive and the dialog is organic sounding. The love scenes are heavy on talking and tension and low on mechanical description. If you skipped the love scenes, you’d miss a lot of character development. This was a surprisingly well-written ebook from Erin Nicholas and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for her future titles.