Preacher: Gone to Texas

Preacher: Gone to Texas - Husband: "You should read Preacher, I think you'd really like it."Me: "Oh yeah? What's it about?"Husband: "...well, it's, uh,'s a western?"Me: "You can't blurb it for me?"Husband: "Not really, no. Just read it."A few hours later...Me: "So lemme get this straight. We have Jesse Custer, the Preacher, who's been possessed by some sort of nigh-omnipotent heavenly power and has the spirit of John Wayne as his guardian angel, Cassidy, who's basically Shane McGowan the vampire, and Tulip, the mob-connected hit woman and Jesse's ex-girlfriend all off on a mission to literally find God?"Husband: "Yup."Me: "That's just insane."Husband: "Maybe."Me: "Be a dear and grab me volume two, if you would be so kind..."