Spring Fancy

Spring Fancy - LaVyrle Spencer What a fabulous little oldie that was! I'd say it was more of a 4.5 than a 4. It was just a bit too whirlwind for a 5. It's hard to accept someone throwing over a fiance and marrying someone on a 3 month acquaintance, though Spencer really does a great job of selling me on it. The sexual tension is through the roof in this book. I was visualizing arc lightning between the hero and heroine whenever they were near each other. From their first meeting, where Winn is the maid of honor in a friend's wedding and Joseph is the best man, the charged looks, constant flirting and illicit touching between the two sends the book temperature soaring. Running and racketball have never been so sensual. She makes it quite clear that athletic, energetic and down-to-earth Winn is much better off with Joseph the forthright car mechanic than Paul the distant computer programmer, I just wish she didn't rush Winn and Joseph into a wedding. The fiance, Paul, and her mother could also have been better fleshed out. They felt flat against the dynamic Winn and Joseph, yet they're supposed to have been two very important people in Winn's life.The fashion and technology descriptions are hilarious. At one point the hero and heroine are playing racketball, which is delightfully retro in itself, and the author describes the hero's attire - short shorts, a t-shirt with the arms and midriff cut off, tennis shoes and white socks with the color bands at the top pulled up to mid-calf. That's one sexy working class hero. /rowr