Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mysteries, #1-2)

Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon I'm currently waging a war with my good sense over these books. Do I rush over to get the other three novels and read them in one go, or do I smarten the hell up and read the piles of books I already have first?If you like mysteries with amateur sleuths and a romance sub-plot, this series has it going on. Lanyon does first-person narration the way it should be done. It's like Adrien is telling me his story, peppering it with bits of humor, personality and clever asides as he goes. You get to take the mystery in at the same speed he does, and guess alongside him. All the hints, clues and characters are laid out for your perusal. The characters are a joy to read. Adrien the gay bookstore owner and mystery writer with a bad heart that leaves him prone to fainting, Jake the closeted LAPD detective who pursues Adrien despite himself, Adrien's overbearing and manipulative mother Lisa, Angus the bookstore employee and resident warlock, and so on. All add levity, expertise and color as the book unfolds.The romantic plot is what makes me wish for the whole series so I can glom it in short order. The will-they-or-won't-they dynamic between Adrien and Jake leaves the books just drenched in sexual tension. Jake is so far in the closet, he couldn't find the door with both hands and a flashlight. I'm dying to see how this arc resolves and how Adrien handles it.