Too Many Bosses

Too Many Bosses - Jan Freed I read this mostly because the cover was just so awesomely dated. (Helloooooooooo Naughty Nineties! Rowr!) Luckily for me, it was actually a pretty good book.I don't feel like writing a full review, so a list it is.Liked:-Good, strong businesswoman heroine who isn't a man-hater.-Hero's 6 year-old son acts appropriately for his age and isn't trotted out just for wise quips and plot massaging.-Nicely written with a good use of showing rather than telling, the occasionally clever bit of imagery and sex scenes heavier on emotion and feeling than a description of mechanics.-Author's clearly well-acquainted with both the marketing industry and Houston as both scenes are clearly set and well-integrated with the plot.-Good, strong, even pace to the plot and character arcs. She draws their conflicts out slowly without becoming laying it out too son and keeping them apart artifically or holding off too long on their secrets and leaving the reader disconnected.Could've done without:-Were businessmen really this misogynist in 1995? Constant sexual comments, familiar touching and patronizing brush-offs made me want to cut a bitch.-Jealousy isn't romantic. Telling an important business contact to get bent for showing interest in the heroine is stupid and irrational, not sweet.-Heroine gets a makeover and the hero swoons harder. /barfI'd recommend this one for people who like gender roles, alpha heroes and jealousy. I found it well-written and plotted, but these were not my kind of people.