Coin Operated

Coin Operated - Ginny Glass Since this is pretty short at 68 pages, there's not much to review, but I did really enjoy it, so feel I should say something about it.Elijah Elliot runs a successful but small ad agency with business partner Beatrix London, whom he's worked closely with for years. They're a mix of business partners and good friends, but lately an unacknowledged mutual attraction has driven a wedge between them. Eli would just make a move on Bea, but he's terrified that the nature of his wants would repulse Bea. He doesn't just want her, he wants to dominate her in a million sexy ways.I liked the author's use of daydreams and fantasies to insert sexual tension into this short story. There's no shortage of hot, D/s spiced sex, but since it's all in their heads, Glass draws out the conflict without having the characters waffle or contriving a misunderstanding. It's just a continuous build-up until the smoking hot climax. Because she also establishes their extant friendship through flashbacks and memories, there's plenty of feeling behind their actions to give the sex emotional punch and establish a believable HEA.Highly recommended as a quick and dirty BDSM read. Nom nom nom.