Public Affair, Secretly Expecting (Harlequin Presents)

Public Affair, Secretly Expecting - Heidi Rice Really just too absurd to even bother reviewing seriously. All HPs are formulaic, but this one took it to extremes. To begin with, the meet premise: Juno Delamare is at Heathrow airport attempting to ambush Hollywood superstar Mac Brody and make him accept an invite he already declined to his estranged brother's wedding in two weeks. Juno's BFF is the bride, and having the brothers reconcile is important to her, ergo it's important to Juno. 1. How does a shopgirl of no import get a hold of a movie star's flight info? 2. Who involves herself in other people's family drama like this? 3. If you're a superstar trying to avoid the paparazzi, why are you kissing a stranger in the middle of Heathrow?The characters had Dark Pasts in lieu of personalities, and when they were revealed it was a mix of "what?" and "is that it?" Silly, silly, silly. She is, of course, a near virgin and 10+ years younger than he is, and it is, of course, the best sex he ever had. Because banging a 22 year old who went white as a sheet and tried to run away in fear of his hard on is extremely arousing. They have this magical sex until the author nears the end of her word count and contrives the misunderstanding for the hero to grovel his way to HEA.Thank goodness this was a freebie for me. Ew.