Immortal in Death (In Death Series #3)

Immortal in Death (In Death, Book 3) - 'J. D. Robb', Nora Roberts I've noticed a formula for the In Death books and noticing this formula has dimmed my enjoyment.1. Eve gets a murder case2. Mavis does something cute and funny to cheer her up3. Another person dies and adds the the case4. Roarke does something romantic. This may or may not follow Summerset sassing Eve.5. One more corpse, just for good measure.6. Roarke does something illegal to help Eve, with a charming grin of course.7. Everything's coming together now. This is totally the bad guy.8. Hmmm, something's a bit off.9. Though she's purportedly "the best" Roarke figures the case out before she does and just in the nick of time to rescue her from the actual bad guy, who holds off on killing her so he can describe his nefarious deeds in detail.I really like all the secondary characters, as they have rich and unique personalities, but the plots are a bit too predictable so far.One more book, and I'll decided if I quit or stick with the series.