One-Night Love Child (Harlequin Presents)

One-Night Love Child - Anne McAllister Say you have a three-day fling with a dude that leaves you with a son. Aforementioned dude isn't a local and your best efforts to contact him about said child are unacknowledged for six years. Dude shows up, wants to be daddy now, and wants to sleep in your bed with you that night.Do you:A.) Tell him to leave or you'll call the cops.B.) Say he can stay on the sofa or GTFO.C.) Put up a token resistance for a few minutes before acquiescing.Only read this book if option C makes sense to you.Flynn Murray is a globe-trotting journalist and erstwhile Irish earl who just discovers he's had a son, with a woman he had a short fling with almost six years ago. Wanting to make up for the lost time, and avoid being the absentee father his own pater was, he flies out to Montana to see Sara McMaster and meet their five year old son Liam.This is a plot perched upon one bizarre judgement after another. I couldn't buy Sara's angst over their 72-hour fling. I can see perhaps her building his memory into a larger-than-life sort of myth, and struggling to reconcile memory with reality, but being butt-hurt that a guy didn't propose after a three-day fling? Claiming to "still" love him after all these years, but wanting to push him away to keep from getting hurt? Didn't work for me, and if you can't buy the premise behind the angst, you end up just rolling your eyes at the resulting actions.Sara was a weak-willed, emotional ninny and Flynn an assuming dynamo with daddy issues. When I imagine their future marriage, all I see are arguments that consist of "Baby, why are you mad at me?" "If you don't why, I'm not telling you", and his will always triumphing over her token resistance.