Bucked - Cat Johnson I really enjoyed UnRidden, the first book in this short series, and Bucked picks up where that book left off.Mustang Jackson just nailed eight seconds on one of the rankest bulls on the pro circuit. Unfortunately, he also broke his forearm in the process.Derailed by the injury and surgery to screw some metal into his arm, Mustang heads home to convalesce and bide his time.Bucked is unusual in that this is very much Mustang's story. Oh, the prologue treats us to a pubescent Sage Beckett and her crush on her older sister's boyfriend, but 85% of the rest of the book is in Mustang's POV. At least half, and maybe a full two-thirds, of the action concerns Mustang alone. This is Mustang's story of his daddy issues, growing up and dealing with his own changing priorities. Sage is a foil rather than a heroine.The sex is odd too. For an erotic novel, it's not erotic. I know I say that a lot, but this time it's true. Two of the three sex scenes are of Mustang pursuing the porn actor route and they're meant to be repellent. The third one, where he finally gets over his whore-Madonna complex with Sage, is fine and sweet and all, but it's a bit of too little, too late.So why three stars when I am quite comfortable panning books for this sort of stuff? Mustang is a fully-realized character, with flaws and believable motivations in equal measure, and his story was still a joy to read. It just wasn't a well-rounded romance with a heroine equal to the hero.