The Dutiful Rake (Harlequin Historical #712)

The Dutiful Rake - Elizabeth Rolls In many ways a standard "Earl of Slut reformed by virtuous country mouse," I nevertheless enjoyed how Rolls played with the concept of public and private in this book. Meg and Marc are different people than Lord and Lady Rutherford, and in writing out both their public and private characters I felt I got an especially deep view of who these people were. Their dual natures explained their many misunderstandings and kept them from growing tedious, though I certainly still enjoyed Marc's apologies for being an ass.I did find the villain a bit too simple and the resolution with him a bit fantastic. I didn't think he or the near-rape scenario added much to the story, really.I like how Rolls writes characters and relationships and I thought The Dutiful Rake was an interesting take on the marriage of convenience, even if the trope itself is a bit worn.