To Wed a Wicked Earl

To Wed a Wicked Earl - Olivia Parker Similar to her debut, To Wed a Wicked Earl is a fun, fast read liberally sprinkled with humor.Lord Rothbury is generally considered a rake, scoundrel and wastrel and in love with the Duke of Wolverest's sister Lady Rosalind. What he doesn't make known to anyone is that he's been in love with the wallflower Miss Charlotte Greene. He'd happily abandon his hedonistic lifestyle if he thought Charlotte would have him, but she's been in love with his best friend for years. Charlotte is intrigued by the wicked earl, but is certain he sees her as a sister or the like.Much of the book is a series of mutual misunderstandings, but Parker manages to keep them funny, rather than angsty or frustrating to watch. Each is pushing the other away, while simultaneously keeping within arm's reach. Charlotte tells her mother that Rothbury is just like her mother's twin brother, who is apparently fond of men, to be able to spend time with Rothbury. Rothbury tells his grandmother that he and Charlotte are engaged, but neglects to mention this to Charlotte.The moment where Rothbury finally comes clean and admits he loves her is really quite touching. I liked how he stayed in character, rather than turning to a sugary mush. He was proud and guarded, even when admitting weakness. It made the admission all the more touching.It's nothing groundbreaking or poignant, but it was a fun trip, amusingly told.