A Regency Christmas: Scarlet RibbonsChristmas PromiseA Little Christmas (Harlequin Historical)

A Regency Christmas: Scarlet RibbonsChristmas PromiseA Little Christmas (Harlequin Historical) - 'Lyn Stone',  'Carla Kelly',  'Gail Ranstrom' Scarlet Ribbons - Lyn StoneFairly forgettable story of a widowed soldier crippled in the Napoleonic Wars and a feisty spinster injured in a riding accident. I did enjoy their dialog and the mirroring of their injuries, but it was written with a mystifying emotional distance. I never felt truly absorbed into the story or like I understood the characters' motivations. Enjoyable, but lacking something. 3 stars.Christmas Promise - Carla KellyWonderful, emotional tale of love that waited, and waited. Captain Jeremiah Faulk is back in England after 22 years fighting in the navy. Ianthe Mears is his childhood friend and love, as well as his friend and comrade's widow. Both have secretly held a flame for the other for many years. A chance meeting with the Mears children brings Faulk to the Mears' for Christmas. In a short format, Kelly deals with Faulk's emotional fallout from his gruesome time in the navy, their undeniable love for each other and what their future will look like. She pulls no punches and the result is heartwrenching and uplifting in equal measure. Includes more crying than I've ever read in a novel, I think. 5 stars.A Little Christmas - Gail RanstromI found this so cliche riddled that I couldn't finish it. Totally lacking sexual tension or believable dialog, I could not care at all about the characters or what happened next. DNF.In sum, I'd buy it all over again. The Kelly story was worth the purchase price on its own.